A basic and refined concept design that combines tradition and innovation that tends to draw redundancy as a tribute to the beauty and purity of lines and materials. IRORI (= ancient Japanese home built into the floor that was used for heating and cooking) it handles a kitchen inspired by a Japanese furniture style that considers this interior environment as the focal point of household energy. This is where the rhythm of vertical and horizontal surfaces is confronted with natural materials and colors.
Kitchen inspired on ancient Japanese tradition
The round tube, which in turn takes the form of a cane, characterizes all metallic furniture, from the handle to the large table and up to the backlit boiserie. The system can be expanded or reduced creatively according to the required dimensions. IRORI is exclusively proposed with handles in the version of 8 mm aluminum door and is also available in large formats and in three-door rejection with a typical frame of oriental tradition. Throughout the kitchen, the research on scope and harmony is evident even in the small dimensions, where there is a play of balance between elements, materials and colors.

Understanding of light and color.

A basic and refined concept design
All-natural materials treated according to tradition (Shou Sugi Ban) IRORI provides an unpublished book of natural materials starting from Black Irori Stone and up to the forest, which is proposed apart from the smoked algae also in the Shou Sugi Ban processing technique, the hundred-year-old Japanese method of wood treatment obtained by superficial carbonation. The result is given by an elegant black-brown colored wood, where the intensity depends on the type of wood and on how long and deep the combustion process has lasted. Choosing your furniture first will help you refine a palette more naturally. If you think you are engraved in really strong, bright colors on your chairs and sofas, a neutral wall color is easy to style against. But what if you fall in love with a sofa – which, its head on its heels, can not eat, can not fall in love with this sofa – and it only comes in neutral colors? The couch and you belong together so it comes home. But you may want to change the wall color to accommodate this unexpected plan change. Remember: the paint options are endless, but furniture comes in a specific range of shapes and colors.


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